Many people are aware Google has a term for a place where new website can end up for a period of time called the sandbox.  We came to thinking of the sand box is where bad new sites end up is there anywhere to showcase new god sites?

Well that is what we have built here Congnitivesanbox.com is a place to show off a few of the sites we have come across when browsing the web they we particularly like.

We do not spend all day browsing the web some if you find something that you think we should add to our congntivesandbox please drop us a comment and we will review it.


The first set of sites we came across was when we were looking to change a relatives will after they had died and we came across a UK site called http://www.changingawillafterdeath.co.uk

We wanted to change the will of a loved one to include a relative that had been omitted by mistake and found this site had some great information in it. As we were not all in agreement with the change this site suggested that we would need to contest the will.

Contesting a will in the UK is not that straight forward but we rang the number on the website and the guys could not have been more helpful they even sent me links to the following YouTube video.




All of this was free of charge, in the end they were so helpful we ended up instructing the to sort otut the last will and testament of my relative, they did the probate and got the inheritance tax sorted out and resolved the family conflict in a gentle and helpful fashion. For thios reason and the clear and concise information on there legal website we have voted them on the congntivessandbox.


I am getting ery excited about this years Grand National, it looks to be one of the most existing horse races for decades

The 2014 running of the world famous Aintree Grand Nation Horse race. This years races will see over 30 horses go to post in an epic race that will be run in the first week in April.

Selecting the Winner of the Grand National has become a Uk and Worldwide obsession and certainly makes for the busiest day of the year both for horse racing fans and both on and offline bookmakers. It is estimated the over 150m will be wagered on this one horse race alone.

Many bookmakers use big horse racing events like the Aintree Grand National to attract new customers.  The do this by offering free bets on the big race and improved odds or additional places. To secure your free 2014 grand national bet the best way is to open up a new account with a bookmaker that you have never bet online with before. 2014 Grand National Free bets are available from most of the Uk based bookmakers and can give you up to £200 in matched bets to have on the Aintree Grand National

Just imagine if you got £200 from someone like bet365 in free a free bet and then placed £100 each way on a 20-1 shot, if it won you would win £25,000 and if it placed you would still be in for a cool £5000. Not bad for a bet that has cost you nothing.